About meem group, Lebanon

my first time to find group gor gays/lesbian and thier views are reasonable to me ! that's why i'm trying to support them through this post !

meem is a group for lesbian, bisexual, transgenders (including male-to-female and female-to-male) From Lebanon, Meem is based on values of equality, support, confidentiality, and respect. The group was created on the idea that women should be encouraged to empower themselves and each other through mutual support.
Their goal is
to create a safe space in Lebanon where lesbians can meet,
meem from my view is a seed for new groups working in the middle east in different countries.
they dong that from alot of ways, one of the ways is supportting for projects to promot the posstive values for lisbiens !
They saying " Our work at Meem is all about supporting the members, and part of our support is also financial. We welcome any and all proposals for lesbian-led projects that benefit the LBTQ women's community in Lebanon. These could be film or theater projects, art exhibitions, books or other publications, small businesses, and other such initiatives."

you can support Meem by many ways as they wrote in thier website.

looking for a night in ManJam !

Well, it's 12 midnight now and as everyday when i done with my life, i going to the internet to check out what's going on !
i went to the manjam " the most famous gay social network in Egypt and the Arabic area, in other words it's the eastern Adam for Adam "
i find in Egypt more than 490 online guy in all of Egypt and 320 of them in Cairo.. anyways I'm not about counting right now, but the point that means there are more than at least 300 guy who have internet, logging in, and can use this kind of sites ! who are looking for partner in their nights ! exactly like me ! in the best view not more than 30 "10 %" of them can get it in this night and meet up some good guy that they are in matching with him ! in other words .. around 270 " 90%" going to the bed lonely to get their more sad night ! HOW SUCKS IT IS !
i know some of you guys will say it's not necessarily to be sad night .. and there's no necessarily for sex in the happy nights .. ok i do agree with you .. but also ask your self .. did you get your best night .. whatever your age .. without a partner you can have sex with .. ha ?
the sex partner not necessarily for all happy nights .. but in the most happy nights .. there's something missed .. i think now you know what it is !

those 320 guy in Cairo or the whole 490 in Egypt .. they exactly looking for their fucke' something they missed in their most happy nights .. like i do !
Life is awesome ?

the " invisible life " and " yacobeyan building ", Egyptian gays and Afro-American gays !

he was the computer salesman and his friend told him that he should write something everyday even a word !
he published a novel called " invisible life " the novel trying to discussing the Afro-American gay life, and explaining tow main points; first how hard to some Afro-American guy to be gay even in the united states, Second how many of Afro-American women can not imaging that maybe good looking muscled handsome colored guy sleeping with guys and get enjoyed !
When Laynn harres the author wrote about the secret life of the " Afro-American gays ", For first time , he entered a closed taboo ! that nobody never wrote about before !
the hero of the novel is an Afro-American bisexual and cant choice between his girl friend and his sex partner guy ! How hard it 's .. is it ? !
However, in the Arab world we had something like that ." who broken some different Gay taboo " in the novel that called yacobeyan building !
But situation on is def here, Alaaa elaswany when wrote yacobeyan building was the first one stressed about the gay character and why he being a gay, and in the end he get killed by the same person was having sex with !
to be gay in some middle east state it's not fine and your life " as mine " do not going in good way !
so for bisexoul guy in Egypt for example, dont have problem to chose between his gay life and his straight life, or in other words, between a girl friend and a boy friend or sex partner, because simply there's no gay life, or totally def. kind of gay life who available in the middle east states !
and if you are Afro-American guy, your life also will not going easy at all, in close of middle Eastern gays !
that's why there's something similar between " invisible life " style and the " yacobeyan building " style, because the both gay or bisexual here or there, having problem just to being in normal life !

Just .. Short Gay Movie

JUST is short movie talking about tow guys met to One night stand and then .. !
the movie discussing the concept of the Open relationships, and any long term relationship of gays must be under open relationships category or no ?
ok .. You can go there to watch the movie !

my Email has been sent !

from almost one year ! i was out side Egypt, and when i back i received a message in my manjam account from some empty profiles, and almost of time i'm no into empty profile " it's matching site not networking one " but i opened the message and it was like " i really would like to know you more, and sorry if i have no pics here but i have in msn " i added him we started chat and spend chating more than tow hours and then tow another hours over mobiles, we spoke in everything, we said alot of nice and silly jokes, then we make a deal, to meet up in the after one day, i met him in some coffee in elmohandesen he was with his straight friends, we were talking by eyes, for me it was the best first meeting ever ! he was so kind and his friends were cool too !
elmohem !, then we moved to some other place " some friend for him place" i'm totally not into this kind of hunging out and he too i think he's not from the kind who can meet anyone and going to some place for gathering and stuff like that, some of guys there were drunk and the others were on drugs " how awesome ! " and we both were fine ! then the place owner slept inside and we find our selfs alone in the place and the owner is really on drugs, i cant say we had sex, but i can say we had wonderful fun !
we spend like an hour, and we didnt done ! because he and me didnt like to do it in the first time, as a one night stand and keda !
any ways, for me it was a night in my life, but i tried to call him again, he did never answer me, and i didnt meet him again !
my explanation for that, that he was worry to fall in live with some ine he does nt know well ! especially he was just out from bad experience !
now . and after one year, i jut emailed him ! to tell him " i miss you " and the email has been sent
' : - )

Iraq : stop kiling GAYS !

maybe it gonna be the most sad video you can see in your life ! i was about crying !
sometimes i do hate this world ! really i do !

the gay life in old Egypt

yes, i used the gay life expression not the gay culture, from my view there's nothing called gay culture .. !
and don't looking to make basics for the gay life in the history .. but anyways .. it's the true !
the gay life is not like internet or mobile cells .. it's really old thing in the human culture generally ! and in the middle east culture especially ,
you can feel some good feeling when youy hear that love between men was beautful thing and acceptably too in old Egypt, and maybe more than nowdays ! maybe it's about the FAKE conservationism that we have right now in Egypt !
and when we started talking in the middle east culture we cant pass the Egyptian culture ! let's start from the place we have to start from.

In 1964 in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, the Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Moussa discovered a series of tombs with rock-cut passages in the escarpment facing the causeway that lead to the pyramid of Unas. Soon after, the Chief Inspector Mounir Basta reported crawling on his hands and knees through the passages, entering one of the Old Kingdom tombs. He was impressed with its unique scenes of two men in intimate embrace, something he had never seen before in all the Saqqara tombs.

Inside the tomb the names of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep are inscribed as one name over the doorway. In the deepest part of the tomb the identical pair are shown in the most intimate embrace possible within the canons of ancient Egyptian art. The tips of the men’s noses are touching and their torsos are so close together that the knots on the belts of their kilts appear to be touching, perhaps even tied together. Here, in the innermost private part of their joint-tomb, the two men stand in an embrace meant to last for eternity

# to be continue