my Email has been sent !

from almost one year ! i was out side Egypt, and when i back i received a message in my manjam account from some empty profiles, and almost of time i'm no into empty profile " it's matching site not networking one " but i opened the message and it was like " i really would like to know you more, and sorry if i have no pics here but i have in msn " i added him we started chat and spend chating more than tow hours and then tow another hours over mobiles, we spoke in everything, we said alot of nice and silly jokes, then we make a deal, to meet up in the after one day, i met him in some coffee in elmohandesen he was with his straight friends, we were talking by eyes, for me it was the best first meeting ever ! he was so kind and his friends were cool too !
elmohem !, then we moved to some other place " some friend for him place" i'm totally not into this kind of hunging out and he too i think he's not from the kind who can meet anyone and going to some place for gathering and stuff like that, some of guys there were drunk and the others were on drugs " how awesome ! " and we both were fine ! then the place owner slept inside and we find our selfs alone in the place and the owner is really on drugs, i cant say we had sex, but i can say we had wonderful fun !
we spend like an hour, and we didnt done ! because he and me didnt like to do it in the first time, as a one night stand and keda !
any ways, for me it was a night in my life, but i tried to call him again, he did never answer me, and i didnt meet him again !
my explanation for that, that he was worry to fall in live with some ine he does nt know well ! especially he was just out from bad experience !
now . and after one year, i jut emailed him ! to tell him " i miss you " and the email has been sent
' : - )