the " invisible life " and " yacobeyan building ", Egyptian gays and Afro-American gays !

he was the computer salesman and his friend told him that he should write something everyday even a word !
he published a novel called " invisible life " the novel trying to discussing the Afro-American gay life, and explaining tow main points; first how hard to some Afro-American guy to be gay even in the united states, Second how many of Afro-American women can not imaging that maybe good looking muscled handsome colored guy sleeping with guys and get enjoyed !
When Laynn harres the author wrote about the secret life of the " Afro-American gays ", For first time , he entered a closed taboo ! that nobody never wrote about before !
the hero of the novel is an Afro-American bisexual and cant choice between his girl friend and his sex partner guy ! How hard it 's .. is it ? !
However, in the Arab world we had something like that ." who broken some different Gay taboo " in the novel that called yacobeyan building !
But situation on is def here, Alaaa elaswany when wrote yacobeyan building was the first one stressed about the gay character and why he being a gay, and in the end he get killed by the same person was having sex with !
to be gay in some middle east state it's not fine and your life " as mine " do not going in good way !
so for bisexoul guy in Egypt for example, dont have problem to chose between his gay life and his straight life, or in other words, between a girl friend and a boy friend or sex partner, because simply there's no gay life, or totally def. kind of gay life who available in the middle east states !
and if you are Afro-American guy, your life also will not going easy at all, in close of middle Eastern gays !
that's why there's something similar between " invisible life " style and the " yacobeyan building " style, because the both gay or bisexual here or there, having problem just to being in normal life !