looking for a night in ManJam !

Well, it's 12 midnight now and as everyday when i done with my life, i going to the internet to check out what's going on !
i went to the manjam " the most famous gay social network in Egypt and the Arabic area, in other words it's the eastern Adam for Adam "
i find in Egypt more than 490 online guy in all of Egypt and 320 of them in Cairo.. anyways I'm not about counting right now, but the point that means there are more than at least 300 guy who have internet, logging in, and can use this kind of sites ! who are looking for partner in their nights ! exactly like me ! in the best view not more than 30 "10 %" of them can get it in this night and meet up some good guy that they are in matching with him ! in other words .. around 270 " 90%" going to the bed lonely to get their more sad night ! HOW SUCKS IT IS !
i know some of you guys will say it's not necessarily to be sad night .. and there's no necessarily for sex in the happy nights .. ok i do agree with you .. but also ask your self .. did you get your best night .. whatever your age .. without a partner you can have sex with .. ha ?
the sex partner not necessarily for all happy nights .. but in the most happy nights .. there's something missed .. i think now you know what it is !

those 320 guy in Cairo or the whole 490 in Egypt .. they exactly looking for their fucke' something they missed in their most happy nights .. like i do !
Life is awesome ?

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