Also Love

when i was in my way from ra'as sedr to Cairo we got a rest in the way and the majorty are come get out to buy food or drinks from the coffee ..
and then ii saw a guy around 17 years old with old man around 50 years old .. from the 1st Glance i had a feeling told me there is homo relationship between the both .. i told my friends and they said like " hey common he's father and with his son "!
i didn't care alote .. but the touch between them hands is not touch betwen father and son .. it's another one .. i can feel !
after few mins we back to the bus and after hour we stopped in another rest .. all ppl in bus is going out expte those both .. i forgot something and going back to the bus to get it .. and i saw the both with the linked fingers .. and having a deep look to them eyes ! when they saw me stop this case !
maybe they're linked as gays and maybe not .. who's know?

i do agree with any relationship between any ones .. it's them freedom ..but the point's when some relationship between 2 gays .. there one of them must to be top and the other must to be bottom .. by the way i mean in life not in bed !
at least i do repaid it's them freedom .. i'm not against any one !

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