what the hell !
fake election yawelad elweskha ! .. or maybe it's the islamist way in the election or it's the vision of islamist democracy ... a7a !
do you remember what the fucken' Iranian regime did for gays
the ass-hole khameay mention in his speech that's it's the election and all citizens must accept the results ! a7a ..he forgot that the ones who accept fake results are " saketen an el7aq "?
ha ... ?

and the other silly part in the story is the reaction of some egyotian who were almost supporting Ahmady Nejad , just because he anti Isreal and the states !
i asking my self if the old adminstratins in the USA was still in there ..what gonna happpen .. Barak Obama is still trying to good with everybody .. and the only statement he said " the world is watching what happen in Iran " a7a one mlast time :)

any way .. I'm happy by the demos that happening Over there in iran .. and i'm in solidarity with the freedom dreamers there ! and finally fauck Nijad and Moubarak because they are not really def persons !