The First post

i don't know what i have to write in my 1st post here .. but i think i have to introduce myself to you ..
I'm Egyptian gay guy living in Cairo .. around 20 .. i think i'm 100% sr8 acting ... so if i don't tell you about my real ID you'll never know about!
i didn't choice to be a gay .. and have a different feelings about sex and for sure life !
i against Mubarak regim from before 2005 .. i caring about alot things in life like political culture, and etc
to be honest the blogging resolution was so hard because i know a lot of blogs and some bloggers as well from very long time ..
like the star wael abbas and also our 1st intersting gay blog karem azmy
so .... i was thinking about ... i'll write anything i want online .. and have comments from ppl maybe call me by " khawal = bad word in arabic " or " kafer = non-believer "!
and they thinking themselves like gods !
i won't spend say ... hey .. gay life is not choise .. and hello .. i do believe in god !
so .. i choice to blogging by english .. to be away for all this fucken things

i'll talk about every think in this page .. I'll make my mind free to say all i want ..

maybe I'll blog about some hot guy i saw in night .. or maybe i blog about some great sex i had ..
or about the fucken three relationships i got ..or maybe about moubarak and goverment .. or maybe about some nice movie i watch .. actully i don't know ...
but i'll blogging ...:-)

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