yes, when i read it .. i cant stop smiling ..
... when el qaradwy say his statement about el shea'a in middle east and he appeared his worry from the spread of shea'a way in egypt ..
and then we got artical from the radical islamic writer called fahmy hewedy haed lined by " akhta'at ya mwlana = our king you got a wronge " and fahmy said "he desagree with elqaradwy becouse the time and the newspaper how puplish the statments .. and it'll make the Priority for the Conflict betwen the she'a and suna .. not betwen the arabs and isreal .. "
oh , i didn't understand what's the " el mad elshe'e =the Prevalence of she'a " untill now .. any body know ?
i think everyone is responsible enough to be sure about his religion and believe !
.. and Suddenly we have reply from young brotherhood member called meneem mahmoud about fahmy hewedy article .. the headline of meneem article .. is " no we're the worngers " !
and meneem said a lot of funny statements i heard for 1st time !
meneem is said alote of ( facts ) i think he's sure about .. an let's see few of them..
1st .. el qaradawy is Represent of the moderate Islam .. which moderate Islam elqaradawy is represent ?
2nd .. meneem is said he don't like Iranian influence in iraq and other places .. by the way i can hear the same statement from bush :-) ...
3rd ..meneem said el qaradwy statement is not mean Racism anti iranians .. so what's elqaradawy statement mean, meneem ?

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