The equation, do you have idea !

LOVE someone,
he Even didn't feel me,
i never told him,
we still see each others as just friends,
he asked me about my opinion in if he felt something def. about some guy,
he going to have long term travel really far of my country,

do you think i have to tell him about my feeling in the
" maybe " last time we going to see each others !

P.S : i starting to feel that's i gonna be more fine than i'm now after telling him , but i afraid if he ignoring me or thinking bad on me !


  1. You have never told him of your feeling's but people sense thing's. He may have sensed that you have feeling's for him. I don't know that,but it's possable.
    You said you might not see him again. That this may be your last chance.
    You can tell him in a way that is honest and human without being too intense. So that way you can keep your friendship if he doesn't feel the same way. And he may have those feeling's for you. I have made mistakes and will continue to live and learn. No one can tell you what to do or give you an easy answer.
    I wish you the best.